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Feb 21, Helmut rated it it was amazing Shelves: comics , fantasy. Optisch beeindruckend, wie die Sturmfahrt des verlorenen Drakkar also Wikingerschiffs von Rosinski in Szene gesetzt wird. Every panel like a painting and the story is an awesome blend of scifi, fantasy, and norse mythology. Aug 18, Vittorio Rainone rated it it was amazing. Tre racconti sulla genesi di Thorgal e di Aricia che confermano l'assoluto stato di grazia di questa serie, con una struttura narrativa estremamente solida, un'analisi dei personaggi che ce li restituisce tridimensionali in pochi tratti, e storie che mostrano sempre delle deviazioni dal corso atteso, pur attenendosi ai dettami del mito a cui tutta la vicenda appartiene.

Disegni di Rosinski al solito solidissimi e affascinanti.

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Jul 29, Lilia rated it it was amazing Shelves: , bd , comics , fav , sci-fi. Nov 13, Jenika Ioffreda rated it really liked it. Great drawings, very interesting story, I look forward to read more volumes of the series.

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  5. Apr 30, Komuniststar rated it really liked it Shelves: comics , sf , vikinzi , mitologija. Dit had eigenlijk deel 1 moeten zijn. Het is een mooie combinatie van geschiedenis, mythologie, sprookjes en science fiction.

    Thorgal Tome 7 Lenfant Des Etoiles

    De tekeningen zijn mooi en de verhalen zijn ook niet verkeerd. In dit deel wordt duidelijk waar Thorgal eigenlijk vandaan komt. Dat is belangrijk om de latere delen te begrijpen. In d Dit had eigenlijk deel 1 moeten zijn.

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    In diesem Teil wird deutlich, woher Thorgal eigentlich kommt. Oct 24, bartofnoise rated it really liked it Shelves: comics. Yes, this is classic in the genre.. What a shame that all Thorgal series haven't been printed yet in czech, because this is beautiful fantasy comics, with all that creatures, dwarves and heroes. Very good fantasy graphic novel. Excellent characters and plot and art. Very recommended. Jul 29, Mathieu rated it it was amazing. Jan 24, Mabomanji rated it it was amazing Shelves: bd-comics.

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    Dec 27, John rated it really liked it. Nice usage of Norse mythology. Dobry scenariusz i dobra kreska. Sep 25, Aildiin rated it liked it Shelves: bandes-dessinees. This is actually a collection of 3 short stories that tell us more about Thorgal's origins. So in a sense this is a prequel in the chronology. Vallees rated it liked it Mar 02, Lucia Bendick rated it it was amazing May 25, Manuel Candal rated it it was amazing Feb 18, Maciek rated it it was amazing Mar 13, KJ rated it really liked it Dec 20, Tradycja rated it it was amazing Nov 05, Siostra Stefana rated it liked it Jan 07, Cuneyt rated it really liked it Apr 21, One is a jewel made from "the metal that doesn't exist".

    The jewel brings Thorgal on his first adventure, and binds his fate forever with that of Aaricia his future wife. When Thorgal is twelve, the other gift prompts him to visit an old wiseman, who reveals to Thorgal his origins and true identity. He tells him that he's one of the last survivors of a group of technologically advanced space-farers who came to the planet in search of new energy sources.

    His people have great supernatural powers like changing the molecular composition of matter with their mind; powers that Thorgal himself seems not to have. Thorgal learns about his real parents and grandfather, and the events that preceded his birth. The old man decides to erase Thorgal's memory of their encounter and the knowledge he just learned, believing that it will be better for Thorgal to grow up as a "normal" Viking boy with no supernatural powers. Thorgal, however, continues to grow up as curious and conflicted about his true identity as ever.

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    Soon after this event Leif Haraldson dies and Gandalf the Mad is chosen as his successor. Gandalf repeatedly tries to get rid of Thorgal, because - as he constantly reminds everyone - Thorgal is an outsider and not of Viking blood. In reality, Gandalf feels threatened because Thorgal is Leif's heir. In the meantime, Thorgal's relationship with Aaricia, Gandalf's daughter, develops and strengthens. While her wishes do not have much influence on her father, she is able to save Thorgal from certain death by her father's hand through her determination and ingenuity.

    The first album of the series starts some years later, when Thorgal is already an adult, and Gandalf devises a plan to kill him after realizing how deep the love his daughter has for Thorgal really is. The 29th volume - "Sacrifice" - was the last one written by Jean Van Hamme. This episode centers around Thorgal escaping the curse of Odin and finding peace in the only home he knows: the Viking village of his adopted father.

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    In order to save his father's life, however, Jolan must strike a bargain with a half-God and enter his services upon his family's return to Midgard. The story ends with a somber but understanding farewell between Thorgal and Jolan which Thorgal simply defines as the inevitable way a grown child must take: to set out on his own path in life. In the Danish version of the series, the albums were released in a different order, starting with the albums of Thorgals youth.

    In Denmark number were first published by the publisher Interpresse with the special name 'Cormak', probably to imitate the popular series Conan. Soon the name were changed back to "Thorgal" because Carlsen Comics took over the series. Subsequent volumes were written by Yves Sente.

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    These albums initially focus on Jolan rather than Thorgal. Cinebook Ltd has begun reprinting the series [5] starting with Child of the Stars and Aaricia in The Cinebook edition of The Land of Qa was edited to remove a woman's naked breast page In there is announced that comic is going to be a series directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck.

    The script was started in and it stands as in development in on imdb. Jean, Ridder Van Hamme is a Belgian novelist and comic book writer. It started as a series of novels by Van Hamme in the late s, but stopped due to a lack of success and the huge amount of work Van Hamme had in the meantime with his comic books.