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After Akira put the candy in his mouth, she put his pajamas on him because he looked so helpless. Hanako tried to think of something comforting to say. But at this point, who even cared? Akira grabbed her hand and started digging into it with his nails. Hanako always cut his nails into sharp spikes, because he liked them like that. Hanako tried to wriggle her hand free. In response, he dug in harder. She concentrated on keeping her voice calm like she almost always did with him. Mama always liked to know what was going on. At the Tule Lake camp she used to go out every morning after breakfast and talk and talk to people.

Mama was obsessed with what was going on. It was like she was desperate to know more.

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Always more. Mama used to be a calm person—serene, even. She never used to care that much about what was happening in the outside world. But in camp her eyes became filled with a hunger to know things. Hanako wondered if anybody here actually knew anything about what was going on. But how would they?

She scrambled up to the top bunk, looking around and seeing more bunks. But not that many. In stacks of four, so people sleeping here. Supposedly, there were thousands of Nikkei being sent to Japan on this very ship. Nikkei were people of Japanese descent, whether they were citizens of America, Japan, or any other country.

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Only women and children were in this room—all the men and older boys were on another part of the ship. It was strange how quiet the whole crowd was. Probably scared and depressed. Why do we have to go on this ship? Akira closed his right eye and tilted his head. I do belong in America. Where else was there to belong at this point? They had no country.

It was a complicated and confusing story, why they had to be on this ship. There was no way to think about it and have it make sense. First, Japan had bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, in early December , a little more than four years ago. And third, more than , Nikkei—mostly American citizens—living on the West Coast had been imprisoned in ten different places, for no good reason. And then about six thousand more had been born in the camps! They ran a restaurant in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles! They were sent to a temporary camp nearby, then a permanent one in Jerome, Arkansas.

Jerome was a bad camp, because the director was really tough and made some inmates cut down trees for the whole camp for heat in the winter. Logging was one of the most deadly professions in America, Papa said. At Jerome it was grueling work with old equipment. The men—like Papa—who were forced to work as loggers there had no prior experience, so Hanako was always worried that her father would get killed. He was only thirty-four, and Papa said he did not have the least idea of what the difference was between right and wrong. Even if it made her angry and sometimes made her cry, she could not stand it.

Even if it ripped her whole heart out, she could not have stood it. So she always called him Mr. Taylor after that. Even though she hated him. But now Akira was staring at her. They had decided he would sleep right above her. Each one was only a sheet of canvas, maybe two feet above the one below. On every bed lay a muddy-green blanket, with no linen and no pillow.

This is where the American soldiers had once slept when they were helping to save the world during the war, Hanako thought. Papa said the good and the bad thing about people like soldiers—and for that matter, all people—was that they usually did what they were told. That sometimes made them act bravely, and it could also make them act right sometimes, but wrong sometimes, too.

So you needed to have the right people telling them what to do.

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Papa said that was the hard part. Maybe, he said, it was the impossible part.

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Pocius argues, however, that the tangible expressions of a culture can be misleading. Calvert's essence is not in the things owned and used by its residents but in the spaces in which those things abide and in the attitudes, values, and obligations that delineate the order of those spaces. From woodlands, water, and fields to yards, gardens, and homes, Calvert's physical and social structure is governed by shared concerns about the community's livelihood and welfare. As a resident of Calvert puts it, "Where you're working in the same space with people you know Because productivity varies among offshore fishing grounds, there is no private ownership of fishing rights.

Rather, a lottery instituted in ensures each family the same chances for periodic access to the best fishing berths. The draw continues until all the fishing berths are awarded, but it is common for a family to opt out once they have drawn enough good berths. There are also instances of the most successful fishing operations sharing their catches.

From his observations of Calvert's people at work and leisure, Pocius provides evidence to confirm the viability and durability of their culture. He reveals that standard assumptions about culture are inadequate, particularly those based on the primacy of artifacts and on sharp dichotomies between tradition and modernity. Calvert, he shows, belies our notion that declining cultural values and social segmentation are unavoidable side-effects of modernization and a rise in material well-being.

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With an arsenal of ear-piercing intensifications a truly transcendental listening experience awaits here!!! Certainly another triumphant soundsculpting!!! The longest piece, "An Infinite Home", gets over 12 and half minutes and closes this immensely transporting album with epic endeavor, melting or alternating placid on-site recordings with gorgeously floating, meandering and climaxing cinematic washes.

You guys have undoubtedly achieved with Time Being's second sequel all the goals you wanted and each devoted listener is carried through your virtuosity away into an awe-inspiring landscapes, fueled by ceaselessly coalesced amorphously comforting dronescapes with glimpses of eerily mindscaping tapestries, when moments of calm introspection awake. And obviously kudos to Spotted Peccary Music label must be awarded, because "A Place To Belong" album is another big one released by this Californian crew!!! Reply Notify me 1 Helpful.

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