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Get the wax on near the corners of your mouth where hair tends to hide by sticking your tongue under your upper lip to extend the skin out. Cover with a strip. Apply the muslin strip in the direction of hair growth usually down , leaving some leftover strip at the end not attached to hair, like a tab. Turn in lip. Remove The Wax. Grasp onto the end of strip that isn't attached to the hair. Hold your skin taut with one hand, and remove the strip in opposite direction of hair growth in one quick pull, all the way to the other side.

Don't pull up, which might be your natural inclination. If a little bit of wax with hair remains, simply put the strip back on the hair and pull it off again. Continue with steps again, finishing up the left side and the two other sections on the right side. Wax middle section. Repeat steps on the middle section, applying wax from top to bottom works best here. Clean up missed hairs. While holding skin taut, use clean tweezers to remove any hairs missed by the wax.

Clean the wax off your skin. Remove any remaining residue with wax remover, baby oil, or petroleum jelly. Soothe skin. Apply an after-wax lotion, or an aloe based gel. If you need to go somewhere and your skin is still red, apply a bit of mineral foundation. Wax in front of a large mirror instead of a hand-held one, so you can see clearly. Practice using the wax on a small part of your body, like your arm, so you get the feel of it. If you're worried about pain, apply a numbing spray to a cotton swab and then to the upper lip area.

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Torres V.

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Clinical experiences of professor WU Bing-Huang on emergency treatment with acupressure. Noroozinia H. The effect of acupressure on nausea and vomiting after cesarean section under spinal anesthesia. Chung Y. Acupoint stimulation to improve analgesia quality for lumbar spine surgical patients. Direkvand-Moghadam A.

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