La conveniencia de amar (Romantic Stars) (Spanish Edition)

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Adi Sankaracharya, who established the Advaita school of Hinduism, created at least four Hindu monastic institutions. I promise to be your husband wife. I offer you my love and my support throughout our life together. I commit myself to years of growing and sharing as we unfold who we are. I give myself as I am and will be.

This the act or discipline of determining one's current location and orientation, i. I'm specifically looking for something that might be used as a category to contain things like compass points, "left", "right", "up", "down" etc. We do have Category:Navigation , but this term seems more related to travelling whereas the word I am looking for is not specific to travelling necessarily.

It was very delicious. What is nationhood in Dutch, like 1 word? Same here, how awkward. Thanks anyway! But if someone refers to 'their nationhood', it is difficult to understand in Dutch if you say 'hun natie'. The English word seems to imply a thorough sense of experience or identity which is not reflected as straightforward in Dutch natie.

At least, that's how I see it. Hello My dear, I am fine thank you! How are you??? I deceided to sleep in this morning. I hope you taking good care of yourself and not working too hard this weekend again I Love an Miss You very Much. I need the following phrase translated to portuguese or if someone wants to translate to spanish, I can work with that too. Godbuilder, is it bogostroitel'? Also, how would you pronounce it? What would a 'diminutive' of Denis be?

Like Vladimir - Vova etc. Galy Oh oops, I forgot that! Thanks, anyway, thanks for the help! Oh, by the way, do you think the joke has to do with dewan , as a council? Translations I've found say 'slink off' or 'slink away', but I don't know for sure. Translate 'Shopkeeper: Welcome Sir. How can I help you. Customer: I want a birthday cake. Shopkeeper: Ok. Customer: I want two layer strawberry cake. Customer: Yes I want eggless. But we make eggless on the orders. It will take minimum two hours. Either you can wait or you come by two. Customer: O. Shopkeeper: It would be for Rs.

Customer :Any concession? Shopkeeper: Sorry sir I have already told you the minimum one. Customer: But I am one of your oldest customer. You should give me some concession. Shopkeeper :I am sorry sir I am unable to give you any discount. I will give you Rs I do not want to do any compromise with the quality and the taste.

You know about us. You are also buying cakes from yoaaaur for last five years. Customer: Ok. I will come at 2 o clock.

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You will have to deposit half of the amount in advance. Actually sometimes it happens that the customer changes his programs and we have to bear the loss. I can understand. See you again at 2. Doodoobee talk , 5 July UTC. Man that is not possible, how can you love astranger or is it boredoom tendencies on social networks. Please translate to afrikaans thank you!! Which is the correct translation of "I will love you forever" to someone you call a pet name of 'baby cakes'.

Consider how hard it is to change yourself and you will understand what little chance you have in trying to change others. Plese translate in hindi. The most natural way to say it in Thai is more important than a literal translation of either English variant — hippietrail talk , 16 July UTC. Natural Korean preferred but close to the same grammatical structure of this Japanese, if possible, would be great. Someone please translate this French is an extremely hard language for me to translate, unlike my second language, Danish :. Doesn't it mean "loans without" something?

I don't know. Leopold von Ranke once said 'wie es eigentlich gewesen ' and this phrase historians often cite, but I don't understand why the phrase is not: 'wie es eigentlich gewesen war' or at least something that involves a direct verb or something.

So why is that? I am trying to translate the word 'dead beat father' from English to French and did not find a correct term for this so far. Please kindly help. Would you agree that galletto , magnaranocchie , mangiabaguette , mangialumache and mangiarane are citable?

Yankee an American. I just wrote the article finger-wag and I am facing some difficulties to write its translations section.

Searches on google and in dictionaries did not help me a lot, and though I speak several languages fluently, I am only able to translate it with a phrase, not with a word. That's not necessarily a problem if the word would not exist elsewhere, but want to make sure I am not overlooking something.

Rescatando el amor (Jazmín) by Marion Lennox

Anyone that can help, especially for Spanish, German, Dutch and French? Is it possible to get a Muscovite audio file pronunciation for these names as well? I tried to do it myself, but I only became frustrated. And i hope we will always be intact. God be with us for eternity. Leucosticte talk , 22 August UTC. Never fear, for I am here. Not so much a translation request, but a more general question. Is it normal in English to say 'Mexico lies in North America'?

Does it cause confusion? Wikipedia says that Northern America is US, Canada and Greenland, but do people actually recognize this nuance in daily speech? Thanks for clearing that up, maybe Wikipedia needs to rethink these terms then. Eis o seu presente. Paras is a hindi word which was actually a stone.

When the stone was touched by any kind of thing that thing used to convert into gold. And that stone is named as paras. So pls tell the latin word of it. How do you say so in Russian, in the following sense: 'this is so good! The saying for my sons name I want is diamond strong royal faithful warrior mothers precious falling star. This is the meaning I want behind his Hawaiian name. Hi, I would like to translate the sentence "Your faith healed you" to Aramaic. Do not let the bastards grind you down. I wanted to tell someone they had good fundamentals good basic skills in French but can't think of a good word.

Also we lack such a sense of fundamentals , basics also lacks this sense good basic, good fundamentals and they're not really singular nouns you can't tell someone they have one good fundamental but the rest are bad. The church finance committee is proud we're under budget. If we had a motto, this would be it. Hello, I'd like to know how to translate "Are you ready? It's a man asking his wife if she's ready.

Thank you so much! What do you want me to say? Please translate the three word phrase "be the change". As in short for the phrase be the change you want to see in the world by Ghand. Please help, thanks in advance! Yes, but does that not make both -kij and -nnij soft? Okay, now I understand: despite the i, instead of y, it's secretly still hard. Between two men, what is more suitable? I tried to make the sentence 'were you at the Bolshoj theatre?

Could someone explain to me why it is 'teatra' and not 'teatre'? Google search results are far less for teatra. Once upon a time an old man lived in a village. He had three sons. First son:-father! I thought the crops were not growing so I burnt my field. Second son:- I resigned ny job because I did not get my salary as soon as I joined. Old man:-don't worry I will think of something. Old man:-my sons are always judging things too quickly?

I have got the perfect idea. The next day, Old man:-come here all of you! Now I want all of you to go and see a pear tree that is in the neighboring country. But in different seasons. Husain you visit the tree in winter. Salih you visit the tree in summer. Adnan you visit the tree in spring. Husain:-the tree was very ugly and it had no leaves,it was very dry.

Salih:-the tree had a little leaves And it was covered with small buds. Adnan:-no you all are wrong,the tree was full of tasty ripe fruits. Old man:-you all are correct. All of you have seen only one stage of the tree. All three sons:- yes we understand. Salih:- we must be patient to get the fruit of our work. Adman:-and we should not judge things too quickly.

Please help with the translation of, "for the one person beside me". I have asked this before It is a sentiment of camaraderie and selflessness between people working together to accomplish team goals. I know the Google translation is literal therefore incorrect , and doesn't embody the concept of the phrase. This page is meant to make final decisions as to whether a requested page is to be deleted or not.

Any page on any wiki that is considered for deletion must only be discussed here. To label a page for deletion, use Template:rfd , which is a universal template used on all wikis. If a page should obviously be deleted, such as obvious vandalism or spam, please don't waste time discussing it here.

Use Template:speedy instead, and an administrator will take care of deleting the page fair and square. Please note that on this page, you can discuss in any language you wish, but please also note that some may not understand your language. She responds, flustered he's getting really close to her saying "what? In most advertisements, The General consistently advertises that the auto insurance company allows customers to get free online quotes on its website without the need to give out any personal information. He also often advertises that customers can get instant proof of their insurance.

The General is often accompanied in his advertisements by a nonspeaking penguin. This penguin does not appear in all advertisements, but The General does. The General, as the name suggests, most often appears as a man with a large beard wearing a green military uniform and a helmet. Sometimes, depending on the theme of the advertisement, he may wear something different, such as a karate uniform or a gym suit.

In almost all of The General's appearances, he appears 3-dimensional, but there are some other company portraits of him that are 2-dimensional. He is the primary antagonist of the episode. Victor was a ski patroller at the ski resort owned by Mr. He has a French accent and was very mean to Mona Parker and her classmates when they came to the ski resort, for he said that he does not like children.

Before he worked at the ski resort, he had accused Mountain Bill, a previous ski patroller, of cutting down trees in the ski resort without permission, which caused Mountain Bill to be fired and to move far away to a nearby mountain. However, at the end of the episode, it was discovered that Victor was the real person who cut down these trees, along with some lumberjacks that were helping him. After Mona, Lily Duncan, and Charley Bones caught Victor cutting down the trees, they took a picture of him in action.

After presenting the picture to Mr. Futtlesnuff, Victor had gotten fired from the ski resort, and Mountain Bill was rehired. Victor wears a blue vest, long black gloves, some ski boots, and often either is wearing his skis on his boots and carrying his ski poles in his hands. He has a long nose, a small mustache, and he always wears a pair of glasses above his head. FictiWiki's overall goal is to record information for all of specific published fictional media. These mostly include stories, such as novels, television series, films, or video games, or all of the characters from such stories in full detail.

I would like to have this sentence translated in Santskriet: Because of you everything is beautiful. And you know one of these days when I get my money right Buy you everything and show you all the finer things in life We'll forever be in love, so there ain't no need to rush. Stage as in place where actors perform. Thank you for your kindness in I hope we can keep a good and strong relationship in this year too!

Could someone listen to the following video and tell me whether the man sings in Arabic or in Persian, it's Omar Khayyam, but I cannot tell the difference A few pixels worth. To English please. I hope I haven't broken any rules with this post. The text is in this image. I really want to know what this says. It's in the context of Beyblade and has something to do with reverse rotation. I want to ask ethnic Chinese people in Malaysia. It's usually Hokkien or Hakka or Cantonese but there are other possibilities.

Thank you very much Anatoli. Either i win or learn After this, the sister says she didn't find any porno magazines in his room and he says its because there aren't any that pander to his interests he likes chubby girls like the girl with the light hair.

Rescatando el amor (Jazmín)

The comment was made on this YouTube video by the user Beiburedo. The comment may use informal speech, due to the fact that it is a YouTube comment. Me n you we r friends. A massage. Thanks for your help! What is "Biturbomotor" in English?

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  • The Highlander (The Rise of The Aztecs Book 1).

How to translate "Platzangebot"? What is "Klimaautomatik" in English? I need a translation for Schwestermodell , thanks. Can anyone identify this character? I've looked for it in the Unihan database, with no luck. Sorry for the blurry image. Is it because you don't like seeing me hurt? Either way, I wish you told me but I understand why you didn't. On your last day on sunday i suppose you wouldnt want to see me sad I know I wouldn't. I thought about it all yesterday, and I understand.

Just remember you are very important to me, I am always here for you. Love costs all we are and will ever be. Yet it is only love which sets us free. A Brave and Startling Truth. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

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Su trabajo como subdirectora de una sucursal bancaria le permite llevar esa vida hasta que la trasladan a una aldea perdida en los bosques de Navarra. Arturo tiene un duro trabajo por delante en su esfuerzo por sanear las cuentas de la granja heredada de sus padres. Roderick Blockstone es un apuesto joven que lo tiene todo; una hermosa y encantadora esposa, un puesto en el Parlamento, y una gran finca.

Pero muy pronto se convierte en un joven malhumorado cuando su amada esposa muere en el parto de su hija. Solitaria y desenfrenada, Ann se hace amiga de Henry, el muchacho del establo. Es una historia de deseo, destino y sufrimiento, pero, sobre todo, del poder del amor para transformarlo todo. Nada le importa con tal de conseguir sus metas.

Por eso, cuando una anciana, en absoluto indefensa, le ofrece un empleo a cambio de que logre que su obtuso nieto asista a una fiesta familiar, Lauren no se lo piensa dos veces. Han dicho que las novelas de la inglesa Jane Austen son descripciones de la vida domestica, pero ellas van mas alla pues son una aguda critica de una sociedad en la que las diferencias de nacimiento crean prejuicios que separan a la gente.

Y han sido precisamente sus rarezas las que los han mantenido como un frente unido. Filter By. Reset All.

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