Blitzkrieg in the Balkans & Greece 1941

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Mark Healy. Omaha Beach True Combat. Al Cimino. Battle of Guadalcanal True Combat. War in The Pacific True Combat. Admiral Reinhard Scheer. Rupert Matthews. Rommel, Knight's Cross True Combat. Battle for Berlin True Combat. Duncan Anderson. Forced March. Leo Kessler. The Gallipoli Campaign True Combat. Alexander Macdonald. Wehrmacht Combat Reports. Procopius' History of the Wars, books 1 to 6. Benita Estevez. RJ Mitchell: Legend of the Spitfire.

Richard Edwards. The Afrika Korps In Combat. Sean Rayment. The Real Stalin.

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Andrew Curry. Steel Queen. Jorgen Flood. Panther vs Sherman. Steven J. The Battle of Midway True Combat. Tiger Command! Bararossa: Hitler Turns East. Deadly Skies True Combat. Servents of Evil: Voices from Hitlers Army. D-Day Invasion True Combat. HMS Rodney. Wolf Pack. The Einsatzgruppen. Lightning war. We are all familiar with the rapid thrusts the Germans made in the early days of the Second World War that saw the demise first of Poland and then the Low Countries and France. But were the German tactics, which appeared at the time to smash through all resistance, really as devastating as they seemed?

When the news was brought to me on the morning of the 27th, I thought it was a joke. We did not then know that he [Hitler] was already deeply set upon his gigantic invasion of Russia. If we had we should have felt more confidence in the success of our policy. We should have seen that he risked falling between two stools and might easily impair his supreme undertaking for the sake of a Balkan preliminary. This is what actually happened, but we could not know that at the time. Some may think we builded rightly; at least we builded better than we knew at the time.

It was our aim to animate and combine Yugoslavia, Greece and Turkey. Our duty so far as possible was to aid the Greeks. Further information: Order of battle for the Battle of Greece. See also: Invasion of Yugoslavia.

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Further information: Battle of the Metaxas Line. See also: Battle of Vevi It is impossible for me to understand why the Greek Western Army does not make sure of its retreat into Greece. The Chief of the Imperial Staff states that these points have been put vainly time after time. Further information: Battle of Thermopylae The quarrel over the troops' victorious entry into Athens was a chapter to itself: Hitler wanted to do without a special parade, to avoid injuring Greek national pride.

Mussolini, alas, insisted on a glorious entry into the city for his Italian troops. This miserable spectacle, laid on by our gallant ally, must have produced some hollow laughter from the Greeks. We cannot remain in Greece against wish of Greek Commander-in-Chief and thus expose country to devastation. Wilson or Palairet should obtain endorsement by Greek Government of Papagos' request. Consequent upon this assent, evacuation should proceed, without however prejudicing any withdrawal to Thermopylae position in co-operation with the Greek Army.

You will naturally try to save as much material as possible. Little news from Greece, but 13, men got away to Crete on Friday night and so there are hopes of a decent percentage of evacuation. It is a terrible anxiety War Cabinet. Winston says "We will lose only 5, in Greece. Further information: Axis occupation of Greece. Further information: Battle of Crete. Their assertion was merely an excuse on their part to enable them to plead extenuating circumstances in justification of their aggression against a small nation, already entangled in a war against a Great Power.

But, irrespective of the presence or absence of British troops in the Balkans, German intervention would have taken place firstly because the Germans had to secure the right flank of the German Army which was to operate against Russia according to the plans already prepared in autumn and secondly because the possession of the southern part of the Balkan Peninsula commanding the eastern end of the Mediterranean was of great strategic importance for Germany's plan of attacking Great Britain and the line of Imperial communications with the East.

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