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The idea is to encourage more startups like UK-based Snap Tech. Snap Tech offers visual search tools, so a shopper can upload a picture of a dress in a color they like and then search for shoes, scarves, and handbags in that same or matching shade.

Startup leaders take the stage at the Startup Grind Europe. Early and late-stage startups can get access to global marketing resources, such as the opportunity to participate in Oracle OpenWorld Asia.

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The curriculum for general courses taught in high schools, which has remained untouched since the current system was established after World War II, will be reformed as part of a plan to drastically revamp secondary education. The general course structure is expected to be split into a number of categories, with emphases placed on math and science education or developing skills that could benefit local communities, according to officials familiar with reform discussions.

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Japanese high schools currently teach general courses, as well as providing specialized education options to some students, such as those that cover agriculture and engineering studies. In , this integrated course system was created to allow students to choose from a broad range of subjects both in general and specialized subjects.

In particular, the general course has one-size-fits-all educational content, and most students select high schools according to their junior high school grades and test scores instead of choosing schools from the perspective of what they want to study, Yoshiie said. The forthcoming reform reflects a sense of crisis among educational authorities about declines in the amount of time that high school students spend studying and their willingness to study.

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Paris ghost metro station to be revamped into trendy cocktail bar

The definition of a revamp is an improvement of an old idea or a newer and better version of something that was disfavored. Revamp is to repair, restore or give something old a new appearance or a new life. YourDictionary definition and usage example. Link to this page.

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MLA Style "revamp. APA Style revamp. All rights reserved.