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Process as a group:. Guide discussion so that students understand that the song is a song about peace and justice and trying to celebrate diversity among everyone in the world. Peter, Paul, and Mary sing the song to inspire others to commit to creating such a community. How might spreading this message change the world?

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In small groups, or as a whole class, create new versions of the song use Handout 2 to help students fill in new lyrics. Sing the new versions together.

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Come back to circle and have each student share what their partner shared with them. Process as in grades lessons. Give examples of the way black people were discriminated against: not being able to eat in the same restaurants; children not being able to go to same schools; black children being given old, outdated textbooks from white schools; etc.

The Hammer Song

These people were part of the Civil Rights movement. It is about two young girls who are told not to cross the fence between their yards and the solution they create. Grades Do the gathering as described.

Tie this to the Civil Rights movement. Then after listening to the song the second time with Peter Yarrow only, set up four rotation stations with the following questions written on chart paper or newsprint with markers one question per page :. Break students into four equal sized groups and have those groups circulate among the newsprint or chart paper answering the questions.

Give a few minutes at each station and then ask the group to rotate to the next one until all groups have rotated among the stations. Younger students can use highlighters to find sight words.

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Why are these laws in place? In what ways are some people benefitting from these laws? Why do people follow the laws if they are unfair? Why is it important to know that this happened in the United States? What lessons can we learn from this?

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If I Had a Hammer (The Hammer Song) lyrics - Peter, Paul, and Mary

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