An Angel Exposed [Safeword LLC 3] (Siren Publishing Sensations)

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Now all they needed to do was persuade Amy. Or did you forget that small part of the equation? Why not take the chance to let yourself be happy? Alec was right anyway. It was past the point of no return for them.

See a Problem?

Four, you were secretly hoping that it would be us coming through this door. So why not sign the contract, angel? She was feeling vulnerable, and Chad could clearly recognize that. In a way, he had the same feeling of susceptibility when it came to her. The only difference was he was confident they would make this work.

He and Alec could give her what she needed most. You can leave that burden to your Doms. All you need to fret yourself with is pleasing us. The desire that flashed over her features was unmistakable, yet Chad could tell she was still hesitant. Giving in to his most basic need to touch her, he closed the distance between them. When he cupped her face with his palms, Amy rested her hands on his arms.

Your hands are clasped behind your head, thrusting your pert breasts forward, begging for the slightest touch. Your feet are spread apart, giving either of us access to your hot, wet core. Ebooks and Manuals

Your clit is engorged and throbbing in time with your heartbeat. I raise it and bring it down on the perfect globe that is your right breast. You moan as the heat from the sting travels through your upper body. Do you obey me and stand still for more? She lifted her foot as he slid one strap up her calf. He did the same to the other side. At this point, it was all she could do to hide her uncertainty.

Amy really was trying to listen to Chad, as well as curb her disappointment at not experiencing a flogging of some sort, but his hands nearing her body was distracting. He fastened the straps around her legs, making sure it fit snug against her inner thighs. When his finger ran inside her folds, Amy stopped breathing. It had happened so suddenly, without any warning, that the jolt of stimulation produced a creamy reaction in the very core of her pussy. Her heartbeat was pounding against her eardrums. Yes, yes, he did. Amy shifted her feet, parting her legs farther and in the process, giving him even more access.

He used two fingers to smear her juices over her engorged clit before parting her folds wide and settling the vibrator directly on the sensitive nub.

Damn it! Chad was still talking when all she wanted to do was feel. But when Chad placed his fingers onto her nipples and rolled the hardened pebbles, Amy let out a moan. How could she feel like this with only his fingers on her body? The second Chad released his hold on her nipples, Amy felt the vibrator start to move.

She felt herself begin to climb that first wave, yet knew she would need something more. She watched as Chad stepped away, clearing the view for Alec. His green eyes deepened as they took in the sight of her, which only seemed to fuel her desire. He seemed to like what he saw. Amy closed her eyes, soaking in the sensations. She opened her heavy lids, seeing Alec standing in front of her, his eyes glued to her pussy.

What exactly did he see? She wanted him to see her displayed for him. She needed to show herself to both of them. Do you feel the heat? Is it warming your body?

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It seemed as if the vibrations were taking over her body. She bit her lip to keep from crying out. She wanted more. She did. The vibrations became stronger. Amy tried to follow his questioning. She really did.

But all she wanted to do was feel. She wanted him to be quiet. The vibrations felt deeper. Amy felt every description he gave as if it were imbedded within her. She had no idea how long she stood there, but nothing had ever felt so right to her. Angel' S Word Llc. Browse reviews, synopses, book covers, pseudonyms, ratings and awards. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Homepage of the Word Angel. Angel Sword, Driftwood, TX. An angel exposed safeword llc 3. Through the Advanced Search, you can find items by searching specific terms such as Title, Artist, Song Title, Genre, etc or you can narrow your focus using our amazing set of criteria parameters.

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