Creative Drama for Emotional Support: Activities and Exercises for Use in the Classroom

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She is really nice and friendly and the classes are always fun. Her teaching skills were of a very high standard. And the students enjoyed working with her because she made learning and play so much fun. My two girls aged 4 and 7 went and each one was on a different class — and they both loved it! I will look forward to going again!

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Adrienne, thank you for your excellent workshops. During this time she taught drama as an extracurricular activity to groups aged 4 to 10 years.

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She also prepared work for their showcases and dealt with class fees. She was a pleasure to deal with, an extremely good communicator and very popular with the students.

Warm Up Activity: Emotion Orchestra

I would have no reservations in recommending her as a drama teacher. Sarah Barragry Drama. Select Your Style Choose your layout. Patterns for Boxed Layout. Benefits of Speech and Drama. Book a Class or Camp Today! For Students Self-Confidence: Encouraging students to take risks in drama class and performing for one another teaches students to trust their ideas and abilities.

The confidence gained in drama class applies to school, career and developing life skills. Empathy: Students get to pretend and play different characters through vocal expression and through their body language. They get the opportunity to role-play different situations, time periods and cultures. Communication Skills: Drama enhances verbal and non-verbal expression of ideas. This improves voice projection, articulation of words, fluency with language, and persuasive speech.

Practical Use of Viewpoints

Listening and observation skills develop by playing and participating in drama and theatre exercises, being an audience, rehearsing, and performing. Physical Fitness: The physical movement in drama improves control and balance, coordination and flexibility. Memory: Through creative play, repetition, rehearsing, performing words, movement, and cues strengthen the memory muscle.

For Teachers and Schools Imagination: Supporting students to make creative choices, think of new ideas and interpret familiar material in new ways is essential to learning. Next, we look at how to successfully use the Elements of Viewpoints. How you teach this technique could either make or break your entire lesson. If you drag on with a term for too long, read the definition straight from the book, or are not active and engaging, your students may dread Viewpoints.

These sections, which are linked to below, will explain the elements, and how I try to actively explain them to my students.

One-word story

There are additional Viewpoints that are strictly vocal, pertaining to pitch, vocal dynamics, and timbre, but I tend not to go into that area with my students for many reasons. They are young and their voices still have not developed, and I do not want to encourage any behavior that many damage their voices, form nodes, etc.

I may encourage them to try different pitches, dynamics and timbres if they tend to fall into a monotone, but I have found that dedicating too much time in a lesson for that tends to lead to vocal manipulation rather than letting it come out organically.

Improv Warmups and Exercises (Quick demos)

More often than not, if they can allow their bodies and respond naturally, the vocal aspect will come along too. Finally, I tend to erase the terms from the board, and use it to write down the elements for their composition. Sometimes it is from a script, and sometimes they have fun with random elements. In that case, it becomes more of a staged, semi-scripted improvisation rather than a composition. Either way, there are many benefits to this exercise.

List of Theater Games and Drama Techniques To Create A Fun Class

I would not recommend an actor relying on it solely, but rather opening up to it and using it as an additional acting tool. For instance, if an actor gets wrapped up in his or herself and becomes too internalized, it can be helpful to remind them to use their environment or architecture to free them up.

Some find this exercise to be not only physical and emotional, but even to a degree spiritual and aesthetic. A huge goal of mine as a teacher is to allow my students to feel safe and confident in their acting and in themselves, and a large group activity like this one can be not only be most helpful, but also refreshing and freeing. Circle of Giving is the community outreach service provided by BYPC that helps bring theatre, music and dance to children and elderly who may not otherwise have the opportunity.

The Creative Dramatics Cookbook: Recipies for Playmaking

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