Your Money is Worthless

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Through agents, foundations, and corporations they make massive contributions to politicians and through that are able to get their agendas accomplished. Right now the United States is just another country under the control of these international bankers. These things are not pleasant to think about or write, but we can and must stop this from happening.

The first step is reading things like this and getting informed and spreading the truth out to others. We must seek to end the Federal Reserve System in the United States and restore sound money and banking to our nation. The population must be educated that our currency, as it is now, is backed by nothing and our fractional reserve banking system is fraudulent. The illegal income tax must be abolished, as the bankers have made enough money of f the sweat, ignorance and fear of the American people for far too long.

Getting rid of these evils will put more money back in the pockets of the people of this nation and allow them to raise their standard of living for them and their families. Kennedy restored to the United States government the authority to issue its own silver backed currency. Though President Kennedy was assassinated five months after the signing of this Order, it still stands valid and unrepealed. If it were re-enacted, it would place us on sound financial footing once more. Ron Paul of Texas has sponsored H. This piece of legislation, like most legislation that actually helps the people, has not been passed nor has it gotten much coverage from the mainstream media.

I encourage you to go read the bill and then contact your congressional officials and tell them to support this bill and if they refuse, vote them out. We can no longer sit on the sidelines and let these frauds continue to be perpetuated on us. The only reason is because we allow it to go on. Through our ignorance, we participate in this game and play an active role in our enslavement. If we as a people say no and refuse to take part in this farce, the entire construct the bankers and our corrupt politicians have constructed will fall like a house of cards.

That time of ignorance has come to an end. Do not play their game anymore! The time to break the stranglehold the Fed and its owners have over this nation is at hand. The people must be given their monetary and banking system back. We as a people and the nation will be much better off without the Federal Reserve System.

It does not need to exist and it has allowed the wealth of this Republic to be transferred from the people to international bankers.

Your Money is Worthless!

It has turned our dollar into worthless monopoly money, and has corrupted our political system. We must stand up and abolish this evil system. We not only owe it to ourselves, but to our posterity as well.

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The World's Most Worthless Currencies

Like a free market moving from a gold to a silver standard, prisoners switch to the next best good that possesses the qualities demanded of money: portability, durability, homogeneity, and divisibility. The article "Mackerel Economics in Prison Leads to Appreciation for Oily Fillets" published in the October 2, issue of The Wall Street Journal , revealed the new monetary system in prisons: cans of mackerel, or "mack" in prison nomenclature.

Just as a various goods e. Fiat money does not exist in prison. Prisoners do not dye sheets of paper green and attempt to circulate them as money. No inmate would accept this as money, not even if the penal equivalent of a Bretton Woods agreement existed between the toughest gangs. We could think of a few rejoinders to this, such as the fact that prisoners have a very good reason not to be trusting of each other. And there's no neutral authority saying to the prisoners that they MUST accept that green-printed paper as remuneration for shanking the guard.

But we'll just let those slide for now. I recently had surgery for appendicitis. Upon seeing me lying in a hospital bed, none of my visitors praised the bed's healing power in curing my illness. This means that they could be used as currency, but it depends on the culture of the society whether they will accept it or not. The total of those doblones is There are some other commemorative coins, but people are negotiating them in dollars because most of the people want to leave the country.

There has been a place, in a major city, where you barter or exchange your goods for something else that you may need, but criminals made impossible to keep this kind of flea market in public places. I have received alarming reports from friends in the coastal fishing towns.

Ars at the shoulder and all. Then they sell the fish to the people at 3 times the price they pay the fishermen. The national guard and police do not get involved. They just receive their fee: milk crates filled up with devalued bills. The source of this information is highly trusted, so I can write about this with confidence.


It was a friend of mine, a former co-worker who was there and saw everything from his car. His parents live in this coastal city, called Cumana.

What would you do if your money became worthless?

He was going to buy but after that, he decided to go to a supermarket. The beach market where people used to buy fresh at lower prices is no longer secure. My father has been working over 25 years as a repairman for electrical farm equipment.

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Pumps, mill engines, alternators, generators, that kind of stuff. He has been lately charging his customers and receiving staples and supplies: corn flour, pasta, rice, even pork meat, poultry, cheese, eggs and such. Once the parts are fully functional, he trades or sells them.

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He is a smart trader and always get an edge on his deals. What the customers see as junk he knows that someone else will need it once it is repaired, and he has a good network. Almost everyday someone knocks at his door looking for a spare part. He has adapted all kind of equipment, even upgrading with modern, efficient components, or simplifying some complex control systems. He often gets the parts he has removed as part of his payment, and sometimes the clients are so happy and satisfied with their equipment being up and working again that they just give the parts away to him.

So he has always has a lot of spares in his small workshop at home, and a captive market for this. My brother has been learning from him, and he is slowly gaining the needed skills to keep the family business running.