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And soon they would discover something far greater—a rich emotional bond that transcended both of their worlds and linked them heart-to-heart But would she have to sacrifice all she cherished for the uncertain joy of their forbidden love? Get A Copy. Mass Market Paperback , pages. More Details Original Title. Other Editions 7. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Sunshine and Shadow , please sign up.

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Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Dec 29, Vorbis rated it it was amazing. This book is astonishing. It's a four star read, up until the last third. Then it becomes something else. Something raw and honest and heartbreaking.

I have never read a fluffy romance that has done anything like it. Alan is a bigshot, oscar winning movie director. He is filming a horror movie in backwoods Wisconsin. Susan is an Amish schoolteacher who stumbles on his filmset after attacking the horror movie monster in the woods. It's nothing. It's slightly patronising, cliched comedy. But from tha This book is astonishing. But from that very beginning, Susan is treated with dignity by the authors. She's not stupid. She's just never encountered this before. Able to learn, as smart as any of the people on the film set laughing at her. It would be so very easy to make her bumbling, make her seduced by the film director and their romance is him taking her into his world and her being constantly wide eyed and making stupid mistakes and him laughing and saying 'there there, I'll protect you, don't worry your pretty little head'.

I've read it a million times. If you have a worldly man and an innocent, that is what you get. A man who wants to preserve her innocence by keeping her sheltered from the world and laughing at her adorable ignorance. Or flip side, you have an Amish woman.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Their world is all sunshine and rainbows and good decent hard work. The film producer realizes how tawdry all the shiny baubles in his work and world are and is so happy to walk away and finally be free of the awful modern world, where they have so much but see and appreciate so little. Now he is in his Amish paradise and they live blissfully ever after pushing a plow together. Basically you have the premise for every fire meets water relationship you've ever read.

For every bad boy to be redeemed. You put two people together who shouldn't be attracted to each other, and it could never work, but due to authorial wand waving one of them changes and suddenly it works, huzzah! This book has all the cliches. But it takes it deeper. What would happen, honestly, if you had these two fall in love? And it is heart wrenching. Truly an impossible situation. There is no physical way there could be a happy ending for this couple. And in a literary novel, that's what you'd get. He would ride off into the sunset, and having given him her all she would stand defiant as she is tormented by those she around her, a martyr stoned and despised but with one happy memory in her heart that was worth all the cost.

But this is romance. And you will not know what the ending is going to be until you get there. There is a happy ending. But astonishingly, impossibly, it is honestly reached. It is reached painfully, truly, with the utmost of reality in it.

Sunshine and Shadows - Martha Mier - Reflections Book 1

Without pulling sleight of hand tricks to skew the reader into believing either the modern world or the Amish world is a secret paradise with all the answers the other person needs. I was utterly not expecting this. It's certainly not the best romance I've ever read - try their other book, The Windflower for that. But in a genre famous for bad boy 'heroes' who are rapists, stalkers, and domestic violence cases wrapped in a bow and called romance and they expect you to somehow swallow that, turn your brain off when you read - this book has the ingenue. The rake. And some truly touching honesty.

For adding unbelievable depth to a trite romance, five stars. This is a would-be author 'how to' book. And I stayed up past midnight to finish it. View 1 comment. Sep 14, Lyuda rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary. Hollywood and Amish cultures clash together in the lyrical story of lust, love and redemption. Alan Wilde, cynical, jaded famous writer and movie director is filming his next horror movie in rural Wisconsin.

The film set is located near Amish settlement. Susan Peachey, widowed Amish teacher, accidently stumbles on the set during her school field trip. Their first glimpse of each other is both funny and riveting. He is entranced by her beauty and inner peace. She is drawn to his commanding presen Hollywood and Amish cultures clash together in the lyrical story of lust, love and redemption.

She is drawn to his commanding presence and demons and angst in his eyes.

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Their different worlds make it almost impossible to be together. Knowing that this is a romance, I could not figure out almost to the end how the authors can bring the story to the required HEA. But they did it in a way that was both believable and satisfactory to this reader. The only complain I would have is that the writing seems to be choppy at times and story dragged little bit at the beginning. View all 3 comments. Diverso dalle persone che lo circondano, svuotato di ogni gioia di vivere e troppo disincantato col mondo che lo circonda.

Non vi rivelo altro riguardo a loro. Feb 06, Kathy Martin rated it it was amazing. I loved this book. It is one of my all-time favorite books. Alan Wilde is a movie director shooting on location in Wisconsin. He is a former child actor who was emotionally and physically abused by his parent. Having grown up in the movie business, he is very cynical and jaded and not happy. Susan Peachey is a young Amish widow who has lost her husband and infant daughter but still is an optimistic person. She meets Alan when she come onto the movie set in pursuit of the movie monster.

Alan sees so I loved this book. Alan sees something in her and casts her as the heroine of the film since the actress formerly in the role has suffered a drug overdose. Susan needs the money and really has no idea what she is getting into. The two from very different worlds become fascinated with each other and fall in love. But the only way for them to be together is for Susan to leave everything behind and live in Alan's world. I loved the clash of cultures and viewpoints in the story. I would call this a romance. I read this book many years ago in the early 90's maybe.

They are instantly attracted to each other but are poles apart on how to approach a relationship. He has no morals and a damaged past. She is raised in a loving yet controlling family and is very moral and innocent I am not saying this well, forgive me. She must make a choice between her family and her love for him. There is angst and resolution with the expected HEA , their journey quite enjoyable. I may have to purchase this in e-book, reread and update this. I had the paperback but traded it in at some point.

I have several of L. London's other books and will never part with them. Sep 25, Janet rated it it was amazing Shelves: angsty-goodness , desert-island-keeper , unusual-couple.

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Don't really know much about this book except it comes very well recommended. And the heroine is Amish. The hero a film company guy. Edited to say that this is a magnificent book. It is so stark and so compelling. The heroine, Susan, is an Amish widow Old Order and the hero, Alan, is an extremely successful film director. You just know from the first meeting that this is not going to end happily, and for a while, it doesn't.

Because Susan is a member of a family and part of a way of life that a Don't really know much about this book except it comes very well recommended.

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Because Susan is a member of a family and part of a way of life that absolutely permeates every decision she makes. Loved this book. Mar 10, Kate rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-i-own , all-time-favorite-romance-novels , believable-love , besotted-hero , beta-hero , books-about-movies , another-beautiful-heroine , hollywood , i-cried-like-a-baby , love-the-heroine.

I hope you enjoyed it!!! Yoongi growled, becoming a bit annoyed. I went wide eyed, staring between them all as Namjoon gave a long sigh. I placed my head in my hands, a redness overcoming my face. I was so embarrassed, but also scared. Sunshine, huh?

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We all have to hide our relationship, but with you, we can remain the same. We can stay together. I stared between them all as their faces drained slightly. They seemed like they had spoken about this outcome before and it petrified them. The love they all shared, I could finally see it through their eyes. How could I just do this to them…?

Before any of them could speak, I walked over to the door, using my actions as telling them that the meeting was over. My heart was heavy as my mind raced with the possibilities of the future. I opened the door, staring between them. I have plenty of guard for my pack, but never gave myself a chance to pick guards for me. You have your home right next door. They all began to walk past me, thanking me for saving them and saying that each of them had hopes that their plans would work, if I would allow it.

Jungkook was the last to exit the room, and he paused in front of me, surprising me. With that, he left, and my heart felt heavier than before.

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