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Marin is to manage the extended knitting shop owned by her mother. In order to complete the renovations, they have brought in a man named Worth, a handsome and personable man who has lots of money and time on his hands.


Although the town is a charming and well known tourist haven, it holds secrets that lift it out of the ordinary. When Marin receives a letter suggesting her husband was unfaithful and she might just be a stepmother, she undergoes a transformation that will forever change her life.

DuLong traditionally has wonderful characters in her books and this one is no exception. She provides the reader with real, believable men and women who are not perfect and yet, they do the best they can.

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Marin's mother Dora is an absolute delight. She has wisdom on her side but she does not use it to the detriment of those she loves.

Two of Florida's best-kept secrets

Marin is a woman with a mind of her own and yet, she is forced into change due to decisions not of her own making. Worth is a man of substance who tends to allow those he cares about to make their own way with dignity.

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Secrets on Cedar Key is a book for the beach but its messages will stay with you long after you shower away the sand. Believing there had to be an agent, editor or publisher out there who would love her work, she kept writing. When Terri's husband retired in , the couple relocated two hours north to Cedar Key, an island off the west coast of Florida. They knew from many previous visits that the small town, surrounded as it is by Mother Nature, was the perfect place for them.

Secrets On Cedar Key (Cedar Key #5) by Terri DuLong

She was in her element. Upon returning home, she sent off a query to Kensington Books with the required first three chapters, promptly forgot about it and got on with life. A really feel good comfort read! Another awesome addition to the Cedar Key series. Marin Kane was 56 years old, a retired English professor and a fairly new widow of husband Andrew.

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Since her two sons were grown and had 'left the nest', she sold her home and moved to Cedar Key to Secrets on Cedar Key. Terri DuLong.

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