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Kenshin comes into the picture and helps them. In the end, he leaves the group as a rurouni wanders and he has places to go. Rurouni Kenshin: Volume 4 - Dual Conclusions:. The volume continues with the confrontation between Kenshin and Han-nya. Near defeat, Han-nya disclosed that he was born in a poor family in which he was meant to die due to poverty. Aoshi took him in and he became his top spy. He burned his face so he can be faceless in order to disguise himself in appearance.

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Han-nya pledges loyalty to Aoshi for his second chance in life. After the defeat, the group met Shikijo, who Sanosuke volunteered to fight with so Kenshin can go on ahead to save Megumi. Aoshi gave him medicines that made him stronger than ever, and he's loyal and grateful to him. With some major difficulty, Sanosuke finally beat Shikijo. At last, Kenshin meets up with Aoshi, who was waiting for him. Aoshi was found to be very hard to beat as Kenshi almost lost to him.

But in the end, Aoshi lost and Kenshi told him that Aoshi should live so that he can defeat him later on. He found a gatling gun which shoots out bullets in one minute and interrupted Kenshin and Aoshi's fight.

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At this time, all four of Aoshi loyal fights all went to look for Aoshi to support him. One by one, each sacrificed his life for Aoshi and died under Kanryu's gatling gun. Kenshin finally stopped his madness and grounded Kanryu. At last the battle was over and Sanosuke stopped Megui's attempt to end her life just in time. The group did not reveal to the police what Megumi did and the police found Kenshin more believable than Kanryu regarding Megumi. Once the racket died down, they found that Aoshi has escaped through a secret passage and now Aoshi has something else to live for.

This volume includes 3 Acts on Bonus Story: Yahiko's Battle, in which Yahiko works in a restaurant without the others' knowledge. Watching from aside, Kenshin told the others that Yahiko needs to fight his own battles, unless he calls for their help. Yahiko gets beat up but then returned to Kamiya's dojo and asked Kenshin for tips on fighting a group at once, without telling him why he was asking.

Isurugi then challenged Kenshin to a fight, and Kenshin became the first person to ever escape Raijuta's "secret sword". Kenshin becomes suspicious of Raijuta's overpowering strength, as it is too great for a mere dojo challenger. After the defeat, Raijuta invites Kenshin to join "Shinko-ryu", a school dedicated to cleaning out the modern "weaker" swordsmanship and the revival of the traditional Japanese kenjutsu..

Kenshin refuses as he does not want to kill people. As it turns out, Yutaro doesn't even know how to hold a sword properly, and instead received a swordmanship lesson from Kaoru. When four men sent by Raijuta was easily defeated by Kenshin, Yutaro begins to realize how good Kenshin really is. The story continues with Yutaro's training at Kamiya's dojo.

The group finds that Yutaro is really talented with the sword. As he was telling the story, the "honorable" Raijuta attacked Kenshin from behind in the dark. Enraged, Kenshin vowed to avenge Yutaro and defeated Raijuta even with his injured arm and leg. During the meeting with his old camrade, Sano realized that Tsukioka still wants to carry on the dream of Captain Sagara and plans on an attack on the current government. Sano joins Tsukioka without telling the others because he knows they would try to stop him.

Right before they broke into the Internal Affairs building, Kenshin appears and stop the two. Sano realizes that Kenshin is right and talks Tsukioka out of his plan. This was Watsuki's debut work. The boy, Isshinta, is a farmer boy who was drafted to fight in a war for Kitakata. Instead of giving up on Princess Natsu and intending to die in the war, Hiko defeated Iwano Hirosaki and sought after the Princess. What kind of annoyed me was that Isshinta was crying throughout the whole story.

First of all, this is the best volume so far, in my opinion. I'll tell you why later. A police, named Fujita Goro, beat up Sanosuke badly during combat, and the group was shocked to find the dojo and Sano in such poor shape. Kenshin suspected that it was the doing of someone from the past and sure enough, Kenshin was lured to fight, but instead, with Akamatsu Arundo, who was no match for Kenshin. Upon returning to the dojo from the fight, Kenshin finds Fujita Goro in Kamiya dojo, waiting for him. Fujita Goro reveals to Kenshin to be Saito Hajime, former officer of the revolutionary Shinsengumi, and now a spy sent by the police to test Kenshin's fighting abilities.

With their 10 year dual overdue, Saito wants to kill Kenshin, instead, and he brought out the hitokiri in Kenshin. Karoru tries to stop Kenshin from going, but Okubu is assassinated in broad daylight by one of Shishio's men. Kenshin sets out to Kyoto, saying goodbye to only Kaoru. Saito is a formidable opponent, and the fighting is so intense that Kenshin actually wanted to kill Saito, which is against his own vow not to take anyone else's life.

Lastly, this is the first time that we actually see that Kenshin and Kaoru really cared for each other. I am liking this series more and more as I go on! Needless to say, everyone besides Kaoru at the dojo was upset that Kenshin left without a word. Sanosuke is determined to go to Kyoto, too, no matter how Saito tries to stop him.

After a brief fight with Saito, Sanosuke decided that he needs to know how to defend himself better before going to Kyoto. Megumi, on the other hand, convinces a distraught Kaoru to follow Kenshin. Kaoru and Yahiko then took the boat to go to Kyoto. To add to the complexity, Shinomoro Aoshi reappears at the Kamiya dojo and found out through Saito that Kenshin has headed off to Kyoto. Aoshi runs into Seta Sojiro, the smiling boy who we saw killed Okubo, and he persuaded Aoshio to go after Kenshin. At Kenshin's end of the story, Kenshin decides to take the East Sea Road as it would decrease the risk of innocents being killed if there were ambushes.

As Kenshin talks to Misao more, he learns that Misao is looking for Shinomoro Aoshi and his comrades. Avoiding the subject of Aoshi, Kenshin ignores Misao when she asks of Aoshi. Determined to get some information off Kenshin, Misao refuses to leave Kenshin and follows him around. Kenshin offered the boy help in avenging for his parents and brother. Saito tells that he's at Shingetsu because he was informed that Shishio was here, and the group realizes that the boy's brother was a police spy. The people at the village do not want them to disturb the "peace" so that they would be alive, but Eiji vows that he'll kill the perpetrator, Senkaku.

Saito and Kenshin find Shishio in an inn and instead of battling the two, himself, he sends out Senkaku, who is in control of the village. At the same time, Misao and Eiji arrive at the inn themselves, hiding behind the dojo wall. Kenshin defeats Senkaku with not much effort, avoiding showing his moves to Shishio.

On the other end, Saito takes Eiji back with him to have his wife takes care of the boy, and Kenshi and Misao continues on to Kyoto. The story shifts to Sanosuke in the forest. Almost hopeless in learning the technique, Sanosuke sees the spirit of Captain Sagara, and next time he wakes up, he has mastered the technique. Kenshi's next goal is to find Arai Shakkuu and Hiko Seijirou, but it turns out that Arai Shakkuu is already dead and his son, Arai Seikuu, refuses to make anymore weapons because he believes in peace.

Kenshin accepts Seikuu's refusal and is spotted by Shishio's minion. Cho, one of Shishio's Juppongatana or "Ten Swords" assassins, is ordered to retrieve the last sword of Shakku from Seiku. Cho kidnaps Seiku's son to force the handling-over of the final blade. When Kenshin heard of this news, he rushed to rescue the boy even though all he had was his broken sakabato. Seiku retrieves the last sword and gives Kenshin possession of the sword. Misao sees the flyer Kaoru has posted looking for Kenshin and shows surprised.

Misao agrees to take Kaoru and Yahiko to Kenshin after making sure that they know what they are getting into. Asking to be taught the final technique's final move, Kenshin is told that he does not "deserve" the secret. Just then, Yahiko and Karu arrive on the scene, led by Misao.

Okina receives a message from Aoshi for a private meeting, and warns Aoshi that if Aoshi has just became just another killer, he'd crush him. After the meeting, Aoshi runs into Shishio's men and agrees to go see Shishio. Okina sends a message to Aoshi to meet alone. After Okina has already left for the meeting, Misao returns to Aoi-Ya looking for Okina and finds out about the meeting.

Rurouni Kenshin - A Romantic Japanese Swordsman's Tale

Okina gets defeated by Aoshi and Misao arrives too late to stop the fight. In addtion to witnesses Okina's final blow, she was also told to never show her face in front of Aoshi. Aoshi goes to Aoi-Ya to seek Kenshin, and Kaoru tells him that his sword is cursed and he should not wave it anymore. Unconvinced, Aoshi is still determined that his whole purpose is to kill Kenshin. Shocked by Okina's critical injury by Aoshi, Misao appoints herself as the new okashira, against Okina's written final wishes.

In jail, Sano breaks open his cell when faced with Saito.

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Cho discloses that Usui and Sojiro are the two strongest men under Shishio, but Sojiro would not act on his own without an order from Shishio. Sano and Saito conclude they need to find Kenshin to prevent the burning of Kyoto. Kenshin continues with his training with Seijuro and learns the secret called Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki.

Kenshin realizes that the plans must have been leaked on purpose as a diversion from Shisho's real plot: to sail Rengoku, Shishio's ironclad warship, to Tokyo and attack the capital from the seas. The Oniwabanshu have saved the city of Kyoto from incineration, and Misao has a close encounter with Usui.

Shishio invites Kenshin to his lair when he's ready for their next phase of battle. The attempt of the setting Kyoto on fire resulted in 41 casulties. After Anji's defeat, he tells Kenshin and the other two that they'd better hurry to Aoi-Ya because it's going to be attacked, and that the Juppongatana ahead of them are Sojiro, Usui, and Hoji. Unable to backtrack, Kenshin can only hope that Seijuro will arrive at Aoi-Ya in time. Next battle is Saito against Usui, while Keshin and Sanosuke go on ahead. Moving ahead, Kenshin senses the presence of Aoshi. Most of this volume is about this battle as Kenshin and Aoshi has lots to say.

A former assassin like Kenshin, he also worked for the Imperialist, but he was considered too dangerous and the army attempted to kill him by burning him. He survived and has assembled an army and a group of special warriors called the Ten Swords to overthrow the Meiji government.

The Rurouni Kenshin anime television series mostly follows the manga directly with some extra filler episodes created when the anime outpaced the production of the manga. This 95 episode anime is composed of a number of story arcs, groups of episodes that tell a continuous story. The longest and most famous arc is the Kyoto Arc where Kenshin leaves Tokyo and returns to Kyoto to battle an old colleague, Makoto Shishio, who is plotting to topple the government.

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The last episode was unaired. The beginning of the series which introduces the main characters. This series is generally light with a few pleasant filler arcs. The story gets suddenly darker when Kenshin's old rival Saito Hajime returns. Kenshin learns of a plot by Shishio Makoto and leaves for Kyoto where he must face the past that he left behind ten years ago. These stories do not follow the manga which was still in production when they were made. It includes a number of smaller story arcs some are good, some are funny and some are awful. Despite the uneven quality of the storylines, the animation quality continued to improve.

Ishinshishi he no Requiem The movie was released in theatres in In this story, Kenshin befriends Takimi Shigure who is secretly plotting rebellion. The friendship becomes strained when it is revealed that Kenshin killed Shigure's best friend during the war.

This beautifully illustrated animation tells the story of how Kenshin got his cross-shaped scar. Set during the war when Kenshin was only 15, it depicts the violence and uncertainty of the time as well as discussing how killing others scars a person's soul. Told from the point of view of Kaoru who is now Kenshin's wife, It gives an overview of Kenshin's battles, and tells how they led to his marriage to Kaoru. This series is notable for including the character Yukshiro Enishi who is found in the manga but not the television series. It also has a teenaged Yahiko and Kenshin and Kaoru's son, Kenji.

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It contains contributions from countless numbers of travellers and researchers. Write an entry Read more. The Story The story concerns a man named Himura Kenshin the family name is written first. Cast of Characters 1 Himura Kenshin A warrior in the Bakumatsu he was once a famous manslayer known as the Hitokiri Battosai due to his mastery of the rapid draw sword technique called Battoujitsu. The Manga This beautifully drawn manga was the first for its author. It was subtitled Meiji Kenkaku Romantan which means something like 'The romantic tale of a swordsman in the Meiji era'. The manga has been bound into 28 volumes or tankoubon.

The Anime The Rurouni Kenshin anime television series mostly follows the manga directly with some extra filler episodes created when the anime outpaced the production of the manga. Rurouni Kenshin: Tales of the Meiji. Most notable for the fact that Sanosuke asked Megumi out, the episode was mostly forgettable, and the author, Nobuhiro Watsuki, is quoted as saying, "It's best if you just forget it. Bookmark on your Personal Space. Conversations About This Entry Sign in to start a conversation. Title Latest Post.

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