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Image credit: Dennis Amith. Lined with dozens of maneki-neko figurines, the Gotokuji Temple is a must-see for those looking to snap a peculiar shot. Whilst having a few dozen cat eyes staring at you might make you creepily uncomfortable, these cats are symbolically meant to usher in good luck. Nevertheless, get a selfie with these feline ornaments!

Sneak in a cat emoji in your caption and you might find yourself earning additional likes! The Asakusa district is sprawling with plenty of picturesque gems just waiting to be uncovered! But before we proceed you might want to book your tour to Tokyo in advance lest you get lost in the excitement!

Image credit: RynseOut.

Tokyo, Japan - Top 58 spots for photography

The eclectic vibrancy of colours on show makes for a splendid photo opportunity for your Instagram feed. With lights on display to illuminate this spiritual enclave, the stage is more than set for your photo!

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Coupled with food and boutiques lining the street, Japanese enthusiasts, eat your hearts out. Image credit: T. Similar to the Fushimi Inari Shrine situated a couple of hours away in Kyoto, the Nezu Shrine in Tokyo is for those who want the same backdrop without having to traverse kilometres for it! Littered with seemingly endless rows of vermillion gates, the Nezu Shrine makes for a stunning shot when taken from the right angle. Image credit: Stefan Bauckmeler. Coupled with lush greenery all around and blooming flowers in varying shades of pink, this wondrous sight is definitely pleasing to the eyes and to your Instagram followers.

Image credit: Candida. Yeah yeah, we know. The best place to snap your iconic Tokyo photo? Right smack in the centre of the Shibuya scramble crossing. No visit to Tokyo is complete without stepping foot on this human spectacle where vehicles come to a standstill for pedestrians to inundate the entire street. The best part? JTB has plenty of packages on offer for you to kickstart your Tokyo escapade. Forget the typical bamboo forests and customary photo with Mount Fuji in the backdrop, start snapping some unorthodox portraits and unconventional landmarks instead!

Winner of the TripZilla Excellence Awards — Best for Japan , JTB was established in and specializes in helping their customers craft perfect moments, through their superb packages and exhilarating experiences, no matter the season. When booking your next holiday, be sure to check out their comprehensive travel packages!

It is this very desire that sees him travelling to foreign lands in search of new experiences, and food. In his adventures, the only thing that can temporarily impede his journey is his soft spot for pizza. Just outside the west exit of the station, you will also find Yodobashi Camera, an electronic superstore selling a variety of cameras, computers, cell phones, televisions, home appliances, cosmetics, and many other goods. Gallery 's walls, filled with a collection of contemporary work, are sure to inspire. Housed in a converted warehouse, Gallery is full of possibilities. The space invites contemplative observations of the photographic exhibitions, held periodically and focused on solo artists.

On a clear day, you can see spectacular views of Odaiba, an artificial island with many stores and leisure activities, as well as Rainbow Bridge that connects the island to the mainland. Photographic relics on display at the Fuji Film History Museum offer historical perspective for the modern photographer.

Top Photography Tours in Tokyo, Japan

The museum showcases over years of photographic history, from the camera obscura Japan's oldest camera, circa 18th century to touchable replicas and prototypes of modern and vintage designs. With over items consisting of vintage cameras and photos, the museum is an ideal starting place for modern photographers to be able to trace the long lineage of the art form. Komiyama book store's stacks, packed with hard-to-find photobooks, offer something for every taste. This bookstore is for those in need of that special rare or limited edition photobook to add to their collection.

For visitors in search of a bit of inspiration, Komiyama is an ideal place as it houses four stories of visual stimulus packed with books focusing not only on photography but also on movies, painting, Tokyo subculture, and much more. The bookstore is located in Chiyoda Ward of Tokyo and is known as Tokyo's center of used bookstores and publishing houses. Popular among college students and academics, this area is also known for antiques and curiosities. A woman in Kimono wanders Shinjuku's winding alleyways, source of inspiration for many photographers.

To see a place, to really see a place is to walk on the path less travelled. Golden Gai offers such a place for visitors to get a glimpse of life beyond all of the glitter and neon, and into the sprawling, windy backstreets of Shinjuku. It is here that famed Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama received inspiration for his intimate portraits of people who live on the fringes of society.

They are portrayed as everyday people, like you and I, mundanely living from day to day. Golden Gai is located on the eastern side of Shinjuku Station, close to the red-light district of Kabukicho. Interested in photographic exploration in Japan?

You can sign up for our dedicated mailing list for those who are interested in exploring other parts of world with their camera. I love Golden Gai. When you go to shoot photos in Golden Gai, make sure you get in a couple of bars there. Lots of bar owners are artists and some of them can speak English. Talk to them. Shoot before getting drunk! Bookmarked for my next Tokyo trip. Some of the places are really hard to find in Tokyo in general. We hope to come up with a map for all these locations!

Fill out my online form. Fill out my Wufoo form! Open Popup Roger that! Tell us where to send! Doing a bit of homework before you approach these galleries will increase your chance of landing on an exhibition. As the course progresses, we will be tweaking the format so it stays as beneficial for participants as possible. Tell the World! Tweet it! Introduction Tokyo, bustling city of light and life, has drawn photographers to its winding alleys and wide expanses since the camera was invented.

7 Secret Photo Spots in Tokyo for Your Instagram-worthy Shots

Share This Story:. Fujiya Camera Fujiya Camera has a bright and inviting facade, located near the bustling Nakano station. Share this Story! Reminders Photography Stronghold Visitors can catch presentations, lectures, and other events at Reminders Photography Stronghold. Place M Masato Seto, owner of Place M, sits with his students and takes a collaborative approach to photography.

Sensoji Temple in Asakusa Visitors pray at Sensoji's gate. Four Galleries Nikon Salon's sleek reception area, where you'll find all the latest equipment and work.

Gallery Gallery 's walls, filled with a collection of contemporary work, are sure to inspire. And struck anew forcefully by the wonder, the beauty, and the cruelty of photography.

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Komiyama Book Store Komiyama book store's stacks, packed with hard-to-find photobooks, offer something for every taste. Shinjuku Golden Gai A woman in Kimono wanders Shinjuku's winding alleyways, source of inspiration for many photographers. Can't wait to experience Japan like a local? Jun Suenaga.

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Tsuyoshi Ito. In fact, Golden Gai may have the highest concentration of local artists in Japan! John Pryke. Fabulous, will have to check some of them out when next in Japan!