Hellwatch: Pilot Episode (Hellwatch: Season One Book 1)

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Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Aug 17, Charles Mcclung rated it really liked it. Nov 09, Odin rated it really liked it. Synopsis: A young disabled woman in a wheelchair protects an unaware world from demons and monsters. Setting: With the side jaunt in chapter 1 to Mexico, the majority of the story takes place in the compound of the main character.

This is her home and center of her study into the occult sciences. I live in Southern Texas myself and am somewhat familiar with the border areas Mr.

Hellwatch: A Demon Hunter Story With a Disabled Heroine

Taylor describes in Hellwatch, and I can verify that they are accurately portrayed. Luckily, this was not the case. Plot: Hellwatch is simply a story of an exorcist that eschews the church and believes God to either have left humans on their own, or perhaps something worse.

This is not Ghostbusters the series or anything remotely silly. It is a horror story involving demons at heart. And one particular Lord of Hell has taken a personal interest in our heroine. It will be interesting to see how all of these characters progress beyond the pilot. A novella. As many pilot eps, this first story in the Hellwatch series ends rather abruptly and leaves many gaps in the story that it is hard to gauge whether they are intentional or not. However, if the pilot is good, you are interested to see how these questions will be answered and get excited about the series.

In this regard, Hellwatch does an excellent job. Dec 02, C. Hunt rated it it was amazing.

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As she saw things, He was a quitter, just like the father that she never knew. She eventually came to the conclusion that the deist belief in a clockmaker God that created the universe and simply walked away was pretty much on the money. He had long ago lost interest in His creation, or maybe He hand never been interested at all. Praying to an invisible man in the sky seemed, as the late George Carlin onc The opening of Hellwatch had me hooked: Ester Vasquez was not a big fan of the Man Upstairs.

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Praying to an invisible man in the sky seemed, as the late George Carlin once said, just as effective as praying to Joe Pesci. How did she know this? Ester hunted demons and monsters. With a warmhearted Samuel as her care provider, she fights more than just her inner demons of doubt, life, and creation, but the real demons rising up from hell. Jacob used to work for the Catholic Church as a priest, but he left after trying to convince the church that there are cracks in their foundation.

He taught Ester how to exercise the possessed using faith, but she abandoned it for a more scientific approach. Ester and Samuel work as a team using her method of demon removal. In this story they head to Mexico to help a boy that has been possessed, but once the incantation starts they find out that they may be in over the heads. She more than proves that being disabled by arthrogryposis is not going to stop her.

Ester takes down the strong demon with little fight as the creature bellows about her darkest secrets. It was easier than she had first feared… too easy. The things that demon spoke about, the branch of hierarchy that the creature came from, and the ease of its removable have her worried. She plans on recuperating at home before they set out again, but other forces have different plans for her.

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Larime Taylor has written an addictive pilot for Hellwatch. I flew through this episode, and was left with a feeling of wanting more. This is just the start of serial fiction series, which is getting harder and harder to find. I look forward to reading the rest of them. I would suggest this to anyone that likes to read about the battles between good and evil, or for someone that is looking for a strong-willed protagonist that can overcome anything that life throws at them.

Jan 20, Debc rated it it was amazing. The characters were warm and well thought out. They were also unlike any folks I'd found in other novels, which gave them unique aspects that just added to the storyline. They engaged my interest from the first paragraph and kept me reading as the action unfolded. The humor sprinkled throughout the story was a counterpoint to the intensity of the situations in which the characters found themselves.

I read the novella in one sitting and The characters were warm and well thought out. I read the novella in one sitting and when I was done, I discovered that I was eager for the release of the next episode in the series.

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I've already recommended this book to several friends. Jun 28, Lea Joyce added it. Pam rated it really liked it Mar 29, Julianne Walton rated it did not like it Sep 21, Tessie rated it did not like it Oct 07, Andy rated it really liked it Mar 27, Heather rated it liked it Mar 20, Zia rated it really liked it Aug 11, Marie rated it liked it Dec 26, I'm going to do it so that maybe a reader somewhere will treat the disabled person in their life a little bit different, see them as more of an equal. I'm going to do it so that maybe other disabled people will do it, too, and disabled characters won't be such a rare creature in popular culture.

I'm going to do it because I don't know what else to do and I can't continue to live like I have for the last 10 years. Something has to change. Something has to give. The walls have to come down, even if it means I run over them with my wheelchair head first. My project over on Kickstarter only has three more days to reach its goal, and this is where you come in.

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I need backers to help me make this happen. If I'm going to go forward with this series, I'm going to need a new computer mine is literally about to die , the proper software to format high quality, professional looking ebooks, something to pay my editor, and preferably something to get help from a publicist.

I'm almost halfway to the goal, but time is running out. I humbly ask for your assistance in making my new career get off to a successful start, and for making the possibility of a book series where a disabled woman and a gay man can be the heroes of the day into a reality. You can download the first episode for free at the links below.

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Hellwatch: Pilot Episode by Larime Taylor

Share this article. I'm trying to change my life and circumstances. That last reason, by the way, is why I'm doing what I'm doing the way that I'm going to do it. This is Ester Vasquez: Ester hunts demons and monsters, protecting the unaware masses from the darkness that lurks in the shadows. Ester is in a wheelchair. This is Sammy Lutui: Sammy is Ester's best friend and live-in care provider. Sammy is gay. Larime Taylor succeeds at both with his new serialized book, Hellwatch. I'm going to do it because it's all I've got, and nobody else can.

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