Confessions of a Serial Killer

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From to , a still-unidentified man murdered at least 10 people and raped more than 50 women in Southern California.

UPNE - Confession of a Serial Killer: Katherine Ramsland, PhD

Years later, he'd call some of his victims, and also called a counseling service, where he said , "I feel the urge coming on to do this again. I don't want to do it, but then I do. Is there anyone there that can help me? I don't want to hurt these women or their husbands anymore.

In the '80s, Ramirez broke into at least 13 random California homes through unlocked windows and doors , mutilated people, and murdered them — claiming Satan forced him to do it every time. In , he confessed to police, asking to be murdered for what he'd done. Starting in until , Rifkin killed around 17 people in New York City and Long Island, many of which he dismembered and beheaded.

In , he opened up to casually chat about his crimes , comparing quitting his murder addiction to quitting smoking. He's currently serving years in prison.

18 Fucked-Up Serial Killer Quotes That'll Make You So Uncomfortable

During the World's Fair in Chicago, H. Holmes charmed and lured victims to his castle of horrors, where he murdered them and hid some of their bodies in the walls. While awaiting execution in , he wrote a confession detailing all of his crimes and why he committed them. Rader was a respected church leader and family man in his hometown who bound, tortured, and killed victims hence his nickname, "The BTK Killer" — all the while tormenting the police with letters describing the murders.

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He pleaded guilty in in Kansas, and "matter-of-factly described" each of his crimes in court. He admitted to around eight murders since , where afterward he'd mix the flesh of his victims with animal meat. He would then sell the meat in burger form to unsuspecting customers at his food stand, and has said , "The words 'I'm sorry' will never come out, for they would be a lie.

He raped, killed, and dismembered 17 boys and men starting in the late '70s, and when police raided his home in , they found body parts in the fridge. He sat down for many interviews before he was murdered in jail in , where he revealed quite a bit about his crimes. Share On facebook Share On facebook Share. Share On vk Share On vk Share.

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    Confessions of A Serial Killer

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