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As we pulled into the driveway uncle Jack and Bella pulled in behind us and follwed us into the house. They marched into the living room as we all followed red faced looking down at our feet. Then stand hands on your head facing the wall. We must have stood against that wall bare naked shoulder to shoulder for a good min.

True to what she said earlier Bellas bottom was a light pink suggesting that she had been spanked recently. I did the classic handbra and handpanties as I slowely walked twords my impending doom. He did let me off pretty easy as far as pain went, only a mild stinging sensation coming from my bottom.

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And I was forced to lie there 18 years old red butt naked over my uncles knee. Of the three spankers my mom was certainly the harshest. I felt real bad for her, she was kicking, yelling and borderline in tears over my moms knee and absolutely sobbing by the time her father spanked her. My dad was taking it a little bit easier on my sister. But unlike me, she was getting a real spanking.

My dad had her arm pinned against her back and after each spank her legs would twitch.

After not too long we all got up and did our rotations. I began flinching, kicking and twisting.

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Of course this I was completely humiliated to. I was totally naked and completely out of control. I was on the cusp of tears by the time it was my dad's turn. Again hopeful that he would take it easy on me unlike my mom. No Sir!! Then he gave me a kiss on the forehead and told me to go stand against the wall and rub my bottom if I wanted to.

It was another minute or so before my mom and uncle were done with Amanda and Bella. Once they were they took their place next to me against the wall. With all of us lined up we were instructed to keep our hands on our heads. Amanda and Bella were both in tears at this point. While they were gone we continued rubbing our bottoms and comparing shades of red. Bellas bottom was the worst followed by Amanda's followed by mine. Eventually our parents marched back in wielding our foot long paddle in their hand with holes that I was very familiar with, Amanda and I had been getting spanked with that paddle for a very long time.

We were instructed to keep our hands on our heads. Then Bella was called over first, I was forced to to face the wall so all I experienced was what I heard and what I heard sounded terrible. My uncle tapped her bottom with the paddle and instructed her the count the strokes. Anonymous 01 April, Tk Wolf 23 January, Dude that is abuse to the female. I would never treat my girl like that no matter what she does wrong. That girl outta leave you.

And move outta state. Anonymous 04 August, Dl 05 January, Please wait The comment field is required. Thank you! Your comment has been sent for review.

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Unexpected error occurred, please contact support. Spanking my girlfriend's delicious ass with a stick I'm your chubby, busty next I'm your chubby, busty next door neighbor, nice to meet you! Hot mistress finds a happiness with a man who loves her dominant On occasions I pass the house and think if she is still there, but I never go and knock on the door. Maybe to continue the story Richard, the girls arrive back from the party a little bit worse for wear through drinking and act a little bit rude to Uncle Jim, whereby he promptly spanks all three of them and maybe even uses an implement, like a leather strap or tawse for their behaviour, just an idea.

All the best Mr Black P. This is a fantastic introduction into an evening of naughtiness. I would love to hear a bit about the night on the town, but more importantly: what happens with them and any new friends after last call. Surely three 22 year old girls are not going to end the night when the bars and clubs close….

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I thoroughly enjoyed the story. It would make a great video and I could make some suggestions for some well known females to take the lead parts.

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Luckily, Becky remembers. It is especially enhanced by the two peers as witnesses and the anticipation that they will receive a spanking in the future. Thank you. An excellent story! Great story. I esp. I am an otk spanker and love stories with otk. This did deliver.

Great story Thank you. Look forward to all of them getting spanked. Have a great day.

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